MENS Fruit of Life Necklace

MENS Fruit of Life Necklace


The Fruit of Life is a hidden pattern within the Flower of Life that represents a dimensional portal to higher consciousness. The pattern is composed of 13 circles – a number that is  considered the key for unity and transition between worlds and dimensions. In music, the Chromatic scale of the 12 notes is followed by a 13th note that repeats the first note but on a higher frequency. Attaining a higher octave is attaining a higher dimension and potentially state of being.


With a shared belief in the possibility of humans to transform ourselves and come together to transform society for the better, model, mother, and environmental advocate, Angela Lindvall, joins forces with ARTICLE22 to create the Peace Begins in Me Collection based on the Sacred Geometry patterns found in nature that underpin our existence and spread the message that we can change the world together if we start with ourselves.


Angela’s mantra, Peace Begins In Me, reminds us that peace first begins within each of us.


The mantra is engraved on our signature transformed Peacebomb Aluminum 1.9cm metal disc that supports each precious sterling silver or 14K gold sacred geometry talisman. Finished with 26in oxidized silver box chain.

Each necklace includes a donation to MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to clear some of the 80 million unexploded bombs in Laos.

21 square meters are cleared with purchase of the sterling silver pendant

40 square meters are cleared with purchase of the 14K gold pendant



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  • RETURNS + EXCHANGES Regular priced pieces can be returned within 30 days for refund or exchange. All custom engraving and sale items are final. See SHIPPING+RETURNS for details.


  • DESCRIPTION + SIZING 18" 14K Yellow Gold Chain Adjustable at 16" for layering with other pieces 1.3cm Sterling Silver Filigree SEED OF LIFE Pendant 1.3cm PEACEBOMB Al engraved disc engraved with the mantra "I am love, I am light, I am peace"